It has been our family’s good fortune to work with Jaime this past year. Her considerable experience has shown her to be both professional and very caring. In her dealings with her clients and the various situations and attendant staff issues that sometimes arise she is very considerate and truly interested in her client’s wellbeing! I cannot recommend Jaime enough; she truly gives peace of mind when dealing with loved ones. "

Ann C.
April 2014

"I love watching and working alongside Jaime Fiolka, based on a person centered philosophy she really gets to know her clients, what their needs are and works hard to meet those needs while building strong relationships. The professionalism and knowledge that she brings to her work is incredible but it’s her passion for working with seniors and their families that really inspires me! "

K. Sweett, BA, BSW, RSW, Calgary, AB
March 15, 2013

"Jaime, you have an absolute gift with the elderly and when I see you interacting with senior citizens I am in awe of your compassion, kindness and effectiveness. You know just what to say, exactly what to do and how to make them feel. Seniors who are fortunate enough to have you provide them with additional care are extremely lucky. I just thought you should know."

J.Planden, Calgary, AB
January 1, 2012

"I can't thank you enough for your help. I didn't know which way to turn when my Mom was first diagnosed with dementia. Jaime was so very helpful and caring. My mother absolutely adores Jaime and looks forward to their sessions together! I am certainly going to inform my friends that Cognitive Care Services Inc. is a wonderful resource and service for the families of aging loved ones to talk about their needs, set up a plan and provide superior services!"

M. Cahill, Client, Calgary, AB
January 26, 2011

"There is no one more caring and understanding of seniors. Jaime treats them in a respectful, patient manner while bringing out their unique personality. She recognizes their potential to communicate, contribute and enjoy life. Jaime's warmth and ability to relate to seniors was clearly demonstrated to me over a 3 year period when, as a university student, she spent a lot of time in our nursing home, overseeing the care of her grandmother while also establishing relationships with many of the other residents. Rarely have I seen such dedication and concern."

B. Latta, Nurse at Pioneer Ridge, Thunder Bay, ON
January 31, 2011

"Jaime is passionate about seniors' care and is very knowledgeable about the latest resources and strategies that promote success. She is committed to providing individualized service to her clients and has the drive and motivation to succeed in enhancing the lives of all that she comes in contact with!"

W. Cairns, Career Coach, Bow Valley College, Calgary, AB
August 30, 2010

"Jaime's patience and kindness has eased the stress of looking after an elderly friend. Knowing that she's helping to keep her clients active, both mentally and physically, is a bonus on top of all the other services she provides. If only we could clone her!"

G.Forbes, Client, Calgary, AB
September 2nd, 2010